Hello world!

Sept.23,2017 India
Simon Dannie

There is more to Life than just living for ourselves. Our eyes and mind must look beyond our personal kingdom. The world is much wider than we think. We find it difficult to adjust 24 hours; we need more time. Days, months and years pass by and yet our life is not settled. It seems our life span is not enough to live this life. We lack resources; facilities are bad; people do not seem interested in us. We are frustrated and disappointed and discouraged. Finally we are vexed with life.
This is the true picture of life for many people. This style of life is very shameful. It brings no happiness to us or to anybody. Yet, we do not open our eyes and see our pathetic condition.
The best thing to do at this juncture is to look at the people who are less fortunate, less advantaged and less lucky. When our minds are fixed on our own lives, it’s very hard to move our eyes and mind off to other people. Many people think that once we are settled in life, we can take care of others. Selfish people may ‘settle’ their lives but they can never look into the needs of others.
‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…’ becomes invalid in our lives unless we really first ‘seek’ it. If we do not obey in faith, be sure that you will never ‘settle’ whatever it may mean to you. “Christ emptied Himself’ so that He could fill you with riches and wealth–both earthly and heavenly. This is the divine theory of life—a successful life—a settled life. So, why don’t we just start experimenting with the divine theory and see what happens?
Please do not rely or depend on your own brains. Commit yourself to God. I am not talking about your religious life at all. No. Religion is useless, even Christianity.
All of us think that sharing is only for the rich. It’s a blunder and the biggest stumbling block between us and our blessings from God.
First, let us remove those obstacles = we look into the needs of Christ and others. This rule is for all-students, employees, business people, house wives, unemployed and all.
‘I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame. I was a father to the needy; I took up the case of the stranger’ – Job. A wife of a noble character opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. Remind yourself of what the Good Samaritan had done. Read what the household of Stephan did.
We Christians are ‘called out’ people. God has a purpose with us. Are we neglecting God and His will in our lives? We are supposed to be the kings and priests right here on this earth and the world to come. Why don’t we start acting like a king and a priest? Why don’t we dominate the world with our love and giving? Let us show our uniqueness by doing things that are unique to God and His children.
Are you a Christian just pushed by the waves? Just one in a crowd? Just a nominal Christian? Just a hypocrite? Just living somehow and waiting for that day to be buried in that dark and silent place? Come on, you have only one life. And it’s being wasted. How old are you? How much more is left? There’s so much to do and so little time to do. Every second counts. Even God is not a God if He didn’t know how to give. We didn’t know Him if He hadn’t given His Son to us. He will not know us if we do not give Him our everything.

Simon Dannie
(MA MDiv. MA Eng Litt )DBMS DPCC
Facebook: Simon Dannie

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