Hello Friends!

A piece of crucial information for your kind consideration           This is twenty yrs late; so, very urgent.

Respected Minister, Youth Minister, the Director of Missions, Sunday school, Youth ministry, Senior Citizens Groups and individuals,           I am Simon Dannie and have been here in a fast growing city of Vizag or Visakhapatnam, southeast coast of India, on the beach of the Bay of Bengal since 1992.  Eagerly waited for somebody to start a regular Bible school to train a few hundred Bible workers but it is a shame that none came forward to do so.  We have two or three diploma mills, though!                                                                                             My commitment is to train men and women of God who are already in ministry without any basic Bible education.  This is going to be for four months, full-time training without holidays except Sundays to take care of their churches.                                       It costs $120 (US, CAN, AUS, EURO) for each student for complete training for 4 months.  For a batch of 30 students for four months training, the total cost is $3600 (depends on the dollar power). If an individual, a group, a Sunday school, women’s group, men’s group or a church likes to sponsor a batch, it will be named after that person etc.  One of the sponsors may come and join us one week before the graduation service.                                 What are my qualifications?                                                       Born in a Christian family, son of a man who literally fulfilled Acts 4:34   and preached and prayed till the last hours of his life.  I had 11 yrs of theological education in India and USA and extraordinary experience in preaching, teaching and administrative services in more than 10 Bible colleges or orgs in India since 1975.  Traveled all over the Mid-west in US and all over India several times, even into the Himalayas.  Still travelling thousands of kilo meters every month.            How easy to help this Project:                                                                   1. Sponsor a batch of 30 students for four months.                                 2. Individuals or groups may sponsor 10, 20 or 30 students each or 3. Contribute $ 300 per month for a year to start a new batch in your/church’s name.                                                                                   3. One of you please come here                                                                 4. Let me visit you and other churches on the same purpose.              5. If you really cannot do anything, please encourage your family, relatives, friends or church to sponsor just ONE batch.                          I know that every individual/church has its obligations.  This excuse is not accepted because my appeal is not for millions of dollars or not even tens of thousands of dollars.

PS. It costs in Indian Rs 1,500 per month or Rs 6,000 for a student’s four months training.  This includes rentals, board, lodge, tuition, water, power, medicine, teachers’ salaries, their accommodation, non-teaching staff etc.

Sincerely, Simon Dannie, India                                                    (MA-NT:MA-Eng;MDiv) DBMS; DPC-P                                        Teaching, Preaching and Administrative services since 1975                        Full info and pictures on the Face book-Simon Dannie

KING’S COLLEGE                                                          spdannie@yahoo.com   Ph: 91 924 718 1897



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